How often do you upgrade your POS system?
Yearly? Every two years? Or only when your old system breaks down?

Venue owners often face a big dilemma when it comes to the best, and most cost-effective time to upgrade.


Some pointer to help you solve it:

Growing customer base:
More diners mean more orders being taken and transferred to the kitchen AND more chances of missed or incorrect orders. Vectron’s POS system makes sure no order is sent to the kitchen/bar printer until a table or bar tab number has been assigned to it allowing staff to deliver the orders accurately. If a kitchen or bar printer runs out of paper or malfunctions, the order is automatically re-directed to the nearest or designated printer to avoid backlog of orders. Add to that, an inbuilt marketing module which lets you promote loyalty and entice new patrons through vouchers and targeted promotions.

Expansion on your mind: Expanding your hospitality business brings about new levels of complexity. Vectron‘s multi venue solution can help ensure successful expansion of your venue(s), right from an extra till in the new alfresco dining area to a number of tills at new locations. Any number of venues in any number of regions can be managed centrally with live, consolidated sales and stock reporting.

More hands on board: A basic cash register may suffice for a one person or small staff business but as you hire more employees, you will need a POS system which is not only user friendly for staff but is also a powerful management tool. Vectron POS can track all staff activity with unique logins and the comprehensive activity reports can be used to run incentive programs. Staff will become more conscious of their work style and time management if they know their performance is being measured and rewarded accordingly.

Old game, new players: One may think that new ownership of an existing venue means the ground work’s done for you, but this may not always be the case. It’s imperative to check whether the current business strategy matches yours and whether the previous owner has selected a POS system suitable for that specific restaurant or bar. You may find that the system is under performing and you cannot achieve the level of control you may want over your new venue’s operation. Vectron POS provides real time alerts so you can keep an eye on your venue while at home, on vacation or any other place.

A POS upgrade need not mean a cost upgrade. Vectron will carefully assess your venue to provide a tailored POS solution so that you only spend on the features that your café/restaurant needs. With convenient lease options on offer, upgrading is not just the right thing to do, but also the easiest.

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