By James Wells

The Lion marketing team has explained why it has chosen to infuse vodka and tequila to its new beer brand – Roam, and how it plans to promote it.

Lion marketing manager, Richard Spicer, has told TheShout that Roam was created for the emerging generation of adult beer drinkers.

“We looked at the new generation of adult beer drinkers today and saw this pressure they feel to always make the right choices. It can be stressful. But they all have the skills and versatility to explore the urban jungle around them and make the most of whatever decisions they make. We created Roam to live in this new world with them and provide them with a beer with a dash of the unexpected to suit any social occasion they might find themselves in, a brand that can inspire them to make the most of it.”

The Roam products are available in two flavours – beer with a dash of vodka and watermelon and beer with a dash of tequila and lime.

“Roam shows the versatility of beer in being able to adapt to today’s world by incorporating flavours and delivering refreshment without bitterness to suit any experience or occasion. The brand’s core message is to ‘Underthink It’ – to not think too hard about all the choices we have in front of us, or what we might miss out on, and just go for it, using our own uniqueness and versatility to make the most of any situation.”

Spicer confirmed that Roam will be marketed and promoted in “not your typical or traditional beer way”.

“We’re very excited that the centrepiece of our campaign will be a series of events involving local artists and musicians where ‘Underthinking It’ comes to life. 

Furthermore, the new adult beer drinker of today spends a lot of their time engaged with their phone or online, so starting today, we will see Roam come to life across social platforms.

Pricing for Roam has been confirmed as $17.99 for a six-pack based on ‘every day pricing’ and is expected to feature in promotions for $15.99.

Roam’s distribution will be all First Choice stores, selected BWS stores and other selected independents nationally.

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  1. Ridiculous.

    Guaranteed to be a deleted line by the end of January 2018.

    We all remember Carlton Cold Shot…Don’t we?

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