Rum Co. of Fiji has announced the rebranding of its award-winning RATU and BATI ranges to reflect the true spirit of the distillery and its Fijian heritage.

Transitioning from a tribal design to a tropical feel, the updated look honours the distinctive Fijian style of rum-making used by Rum Co. of Fiji, a process which uses hand-cut sugarcane grown in volcanic soil, distilled at the foot of the iconic Sleeping Giant Mountain.

The refreshed packaging fuses the cultural identity of the brand with a sense of place, incorporating cultural patterns and a bright tropical palette with an illustration of the Sleeping Giant Mountain.

The brand logo has also been redesigned, now featuring a sugarcane stalk and a cane knife alongside the slogan “Paradise Distilled”.

Tracey McKay, Global Marketing Manager for Rum Co. of Fiji, says the new packaging has been thoughtfully designed to pay homage to the brand’s deep connection to Fiji.

 “Fiji hosts the perfect environment to make rum. The pristine water, volcanic soil and tropical climate perfect for growing sugarcane allow us to create a masterful and unique portfolio of rums.

“Details such as the hand-tied Fijian love knot and the silhouette of the Sleeping Giant Mountain on the rum labels celebrate the people and environment that create our unique award-winning rums,” she stated.

The evolved packaging will be seen across the BATI range in dark rum, spiced rum and white rum, and the RATU range comprising a signature rum liqueur, spiced rum and dark rum.

The new design pack can now be found on Australian shelves across leading and independent liquor retailers.

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