By Sacha Delfosse

Think Spirits has teamed up with the Sydney Rum Club to host a presentation for the Matusalem range by the company’s owner, Claudio Alvarez, and director of operations, Hugh Barnard.

The event is the first session for the Sydney Rum Club for 2012 and will be held on  Monday January 23 at Sydney’s Hunky Dory Social Club, starting at 6.30pm.

Guests will be able to sample the entire Matusalem range including the Solera Gran Reserva 23 Year Old, as well as hear Alvarez share his insights into rum production, the company’s history and portfolio.

“Matusalem Rum is strongly supported by Australian bartenders. At Think Spirits we are delighted to have the owner Claudio Alvarez and the managing director, Hugh Barnard running the rum session this year.”

“This is just another way to demonstrate the increasing support of the brand ambassadors in our market,” Think Spirits managing director, Patrick Borg, said.

Sydney Rum Club organiser, Tom Bulmer, said the fact that the owner of Matusalem has chosen to come to Australia for this presentation shows how much rum is coming into focus in the local bar scene.

“At the SRC we are excited to see the focus producers and distributors are putting into rum in Australia and the number of new rums entering into the market.”

The event is one of the many rewards and incentives organised by Think Spirits for members of its Think Rewards program, which is free for bartenders to join.

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