By Ian Neubauer

The South Australian Government this week announced innovative changes to the state’s wine labelling requirements aimed at expanding export opportunities and reducing costs for the industry.

The new regulations permit winemakers in the state to use labels already used in foreign countries. Winemakers will also be allowed to place measurement statements anywhere on the bottle except the base or cap so long as it can be seen together with the country of origin, ABV content and product description.

“It’s estimated the new labelling system will save the state’s wine industry $12.75m a year by enabling wine exporters to use a single label for both the local and the international markets,” said SA Minister for Consumer Affairs, Jennifer Rankine. “This is a positive and exciting step for South Australia’s wine industry and makes us the first state in the nation to adopt international standards.”

The Minister said she has endeavoured to encourage other states to amend the uniform trade measurement laws. “It is my hope that the Rann Government’s decision to take the lead on this issue will encourage the other states and territories to make similar changes,” she said.

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