By James Atkinson

A proposed 3am lockout is the only remaining concern for South Australian pubs in the final, watered-down version of a new Code of Conduct for the state's late-trading licensed premises.

Following lengthy consultation with industry, the SA Government on Thursday released the Late Night Code for venues open after 3am.

New measures include the use of metal detectors, high-definition CCTV, drink marshalls, as well as an early morning ban on glassware, happy hours, shooters and doubles. 

"Under this Code, venues will not be able to accept new patrons after 3am – this does not mean they will close, it just means no bar-hopping," said Minister for Business Services and Consumers, John Rau.

AHA (SA) CEO Ian Horne told TheShout the state-wide 3am lockout remains a concern for the majority of late night operators.

"Strangely the State Government is going to give the Adelaide Casino an exemption from that," he said.

"The rest of it seems to be a good common sense approach as a result of what has been quite lengthy and detailed discussions with the regulators and the government," said Horne.

Rau said the package of reform also includes a Bill that will provide a greater set of powers to target licensed venues where there are specific alcohol and public safety issues. 

"The Commissioner for Liquor will be given much stronger powers to change or impose the conditions of a venue's licence," he said. 

"New laws would also give the Government the power to regulate the provision of alcohol between midnight and 7am." 

The finalised Late Night Code will come into force on October 1. The Bill that seeks to amend the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 will be introduced into Parliament next week. 

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will write to all licensees in South Australia to inform them of the introduction of the Late Night Code of Practice. Further information will be available on the CBS website

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  1. It wont solve anything. It will make things worse. But the community will have more house parties & the government won’t be able to control that it will drive all their problems underground. Being a DJ though great for me but for punters especially those who are sober will suffer as welll. It really is a messed up policy. Funny how they will let people gamble though 24 hours a day at Sky City in Adelaide though. This won’t help. If a pub doesn’t have an internal ATM & you run out of money it won’t help small or even big business

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