By Triana O'Keefe, editor Australian Hotelier

In what the government is describing as a bid to rejuvenate Adelaide’s nightlife, patrons may soon be able to stand while drinking in licensed areas.

Currently, venues can be fined up to $1,200 if patrons are caught consuming alcohol while standing in outdoor areas.

The proposed changes by the State Government follow a nine month trial at selected venues in Leigh and Halifax streets, James Place and East Terrace.

Deputy Premier John Rau said the trial found patrons consuming alcohol were required to walk through a licensed outdoor area when they were making a purchase or visiting the bathroom.

"Often these patrons may stop and talk to somebody while in the outdoor area and essentially this was breaking the law," he said.

In his submission, Rau focused primarily on Adelaide's new small bar scene but a government spokesperson said any South Australian venue that currently had the restriction on their licence could apply for its removal.

While many licensees are welcoming the proposal, there are those who have concerns over increased pressure it will put on operators to police the number of patrons as the maximum capacity will remain the same.

Crown and Anchor general manager Dan Boundy told the ABC the changes would make life harder in reality.

He said people standing up would leave available seats for occupation, essentially drawing in more people to the outdoor areas.
“It isn’t really practical,” he said.

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