By Andy Young

While most people would initially name Argentina or Chile when talking about South American wine, Brazil’s reputation is steadily rising with over 1100 wineries and 82,000 hectares of vineyards.

One of the countries three largest wineries, Vinicola Salton, has recently launched in Australia and with this country’s reputation for embracing international wine labels, Australia is a big priority for the winemaker.

The wine is being distributed locally by Expedition Trade and Director, Mauro Ribeiro, told TheShout what Australian consumers, retailers and venue managers can look forward to from Brazilian wines and Salton Wines in particular.

“Salton wines are well balanced and rounded,” Ribeiro said. “The terroir in Serra Gaúcha yields grapes with high acidity levels and fresh flavours. It also has soils with great drainage for the production of still and sparkling wine with light body and intense aromas.   

“Salton has been producing wines since 1910. They are the leading sparkling winemakers in Brazil, selling more than Chandon, who also produce sparkling in Brazil. The country has become the fifth largest wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere and it is certainly one of the fastest growing markets around the world.”

Riberio also said that while there is more of a look at on-premise, the company is also eyeing off-premise shelf space.

“The primary focus is on-premise as this links back to the idea that these products are new to the Australian market and consumers are usually more inclined to trial new experiences while out in a bar or restaurant. However, the wines have also gained some shelf space in off-premise as well, particularly in areas where the target market is thirsty for trendy and different wines.

“Despite its home-grown heritage, Australians are still curious of international wines, especially alternative grape varieties. Other Latin American countries have far more experience in the export or import to Australia, however, Salton will be investing in additional technologies to assist in both the production and quality processes. This will increase our capacity to make top quality drinking wine at a market competitive price."

Riberio’s key message for retailers or venues regarding Salton is that the winemaker is the “benchmark of the Brazilian wine industry”, helped by its winemaking techniques.

“Salton Wines are a family traditional winery, that has been the market leader in Brazil and in promoting the great wines of Brazil to the world,” he told TheShout.

“Their wines are produced in state-of-the-art facilities and the consistency of quality is evident in their product range. Salton is in constant search of modern and advanced winemaking techniques, and the use of cutting-edge winemaking processes are daily practices in the winery. They strive to create something unique that expresses the best of the terroir.”

Salton now has a Prosecco, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot available in Australia through Expedition Trade.

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