In this age of hand-crafted, artisan and small batch consumables, Schitski proudly sticks its head above the parapet and declares it is a Huge Batch product.  It uses the little-known flush distillation process.  A second flush is conducted if the first flush is unsuccessful.

Schitski vodka is rumoured to be from the bowels of Eastern Europe in the now defunct Eastern European kingdom of Schitberg.  It’s made with effluent from the River Schit.  Fans of the brand say it smells like Schit and tastes like Schit.

Schitski is the pet project of James France, from Vanguard.  It started as a joke to be included in a major presentation to a Sydney hospitality chain.  It went to ground for a couple of years until an industry friend of James encouraged him to bring the brand to life.

“It’s just about having a bit of fun in a very busy and competitive industry”, says France.  “Ironically, the truth is that Schitski is very small batch and hand-bottled.  It is made in Australia by a distiller who doesn’t want to be associated with the brand name.  It is surprisingly good vodka and has performed extremely well in blind tastings against all the major super premium brands.”

Schitski is competitively priced and Vanguard is donating $1 per bottle sold to Bowel Cancer Australia.  The first donation has already been made.

Schitski’s signature serve is the Schitski Floater which is 45ml Schitski and 5ml of Tempus Fugit Crème de Cacao a la Vanille, shaken over ice and served in a cocktail glass with a floating Malteser as a garnish.

Schitski is now available.  For more information, you can email King Schit at  or go to  Take a few seconds to watch the short “recently unearthed” videos on the site.  Well worth it! 

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