Premium beverages share three core characteristics:
1. Quality Liquid
2. Exceptional Presentation
3. Heritage

Quality Liquid

The mixer used can enhance the innate beauty of the spirit or destroy it altogether. 

With over 200 years of research and expertise, Schweppes builds perfect flavour balances through quality ingredients and the enigmatic secret of Schweppervescence. 
Harnessing the finest Indonesian quinine, sun kissed Australian oranges and lemons or assorted ginger root varieties from Queensland and around the equator; Schweppes is passionate about quality ingredients. 

Every bubble of the Schweppes premium mixer range is created here in Australia supporting a long tradition of local production. With the single serve pack, patrons can enjoy a fresh pour experience every time.

Exceptional Presentation

Presentation amplifies the premium experience or leaves patrons dissatisfied.  This 200mL serve On-Premise exclusive range features sleek styling and a premium crown seal building towards an enhanced beverage experience.

When it comes to classic cocktails, now more than ever, patrons know how they like their drink.

The single serve allows patrons to customise their drink to their tastes. Simply mix in 50ml of Schweppes 1783 and serve the rest of the bottle alongside the glass to empower patrons to decide how much mixer they want. They can highlight and really taste the spirit by leaving it low or top it up for a longer, more refreshing drink. That is the essence of a Perfect Serve.


With over 200 years of heritage, Schweppes mixers have been igniting people’s senses for generations with perfect flavour balance and the enigmatic secret of Schweppervescence.

Schweppes’ namesake, Jacob Schweppe, is the father of carbonation; inventing the first process of commercially carbonating beverages by 1783.
Since then, Schweppes has been dedicated to delivering a full sensory experience through its liquids allowing the world to experience the magic of Schweppervescence.

For more information please contact Schweppes Australia on 1300 133 122

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