By Ian Neubauer

Cadbury Schweppes has released a new sparkling mineral water produced to complement fine foods at restaurants and bars.

Branded Schweppes Australian Sparkling Mineral Water, the new product is bottled in a sleek, elegant package reminiscent of the classical Evian shape. The design also features the Schweppes logo embossed over the number 1783 – the year Jacob Schweppes produced his first batch of sparkling mineral water in Switzerland.

Schweppes Australian Sparkling Mineral Water is sourced from a spring near Daylesford in the central Victorian highlands. According to a company statement, the product is “less salty due to a low sodium and bicarbonate content” with lower levels of calcium and magnesium to “deliver a softer, cleaner taste that does not overpower fine foods.”

Lake House Daylesford executive chef Alla Wolf Tasker said the product offered an environmentally friendly alternative to costly imported brands that reflected domestic trends and preferences.

“In a climate where savvy consumers are conscious of, and responding in a myriad of ways to build sustainability, it makes sense to source locally,” Tasker said. “The notion of consuming imported bottled water at an enormous cost to our environment smacks of irresponsibility and a lack of leadership by the hospitality industry.

“Beyond issues of the environment, the growing pride in local products becoming evident everywhere needs to also extend to the water we serve,” he said.

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