Handheld Ordering/Sales software on the Widefly 35

Running Sorento’s IDEAL Hospitality POS solution and using our handheld ordering software, you can take an order from your customers while they are sitting at the poker machine, settle the sale and reward them by swiping their membership card to earn points.

The sale is automatically printed at the bar with the poker machine number on the top of the receipt so that wait staff know where to deliver the drinks. The Widefly is connected live to the network and sends the sales data to the POS terminals.

This prevents any sales data from being lost with the handheld not retaining any data. All financial, sales and stock reports can be produced for each handheld. Widefly is built purely for Hospitality and will not work outside the venue’s network, rendering them useless if stolen.

Unlike most PDA’s that can be used with many applications, a dedicated device like Widefly provides less temptation for theft as well as offering a multiple drop spec of 1.2 meters onto concrete .

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