Cancellations ‘Last minute classifieds’ feature is not a booking service, it’s a unique trading post that offers an affordable alternative to commission based websites.

A survey conducted by in September 2008, showed that 92.78% of 818 survey participants (who were potential clients) preferred to book with the provider direct, rather than through a last minute booking portal, reaffirming a place in the market for our last minute classified feature.
In Last minute classified providers create their accommodation offer, including their contact details and website address, allowing the seeker the opportunity to further view the accommodation, taking them to the providers booking portal, saving costly commission payouts.


As there is no commission payable in this area, providers have the opportunity of adjusting their pricing structure, giving them a competitive edge over the competition.

Cancellations’ last minute classifieds gives the provider the opportunity to increase their yield.

Since the launch of 335,000 seekers have visited our website in search of a last minute deal, viewing over 2 million pages.

How will the seeker find my accommodation listed?

Cancellations Pty Ltd is dedicated to supporting our members through our ongoing national television campaigns with Channel Ten and Foxtel/Austar nationally and through our continuing search engine optimization.

Over the past weeks we have launched several last minute information travel websites, all of which are unique and all point back to

Last minute classifieds is searched by town or keywords, allowing individual properties to come up, giving providers a greater chance of being seen.

Who is eligible to join?

Last minute classifieds is open to all types of accommodation large and small: hotels, resorts, motels, lodges, b&bs, guesthouses and others.

What is the cost?

The yearly fee is based on the size of each establishment. Smaller providers with 50 rooms or less will pay one yearly fee of $250.

For further information on costing

National Sales Manager – Michael Janek

How do I apply to join?

Click here

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