Sotol Por Siempre comes from the high desert slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains, in the heart of Chihuahua, Mexico. It’s a unique spirit distilled from the hearts of wild-harvested Sotol (not agave).  Sotol is the vital desert plant that has sustained the people of this region for thousands of years.

The Sotol plant is also known in English as the Desert Spoon because the cooked base of its stem can be eaten like an artichoke leaf, by scraping it across the front teeth, leaving a sort of spoon. 

The plant takes about 15 years to mature and each plant produces enough liquid for only one bottle of Sotol.  Unlike the agave plant which only flowers once, the Sotol flowers several times in its life.  Once ripe, the leaves are removed and the core is pit-roasted.  The juice is then open-air fermented.  Two distillations in an alembic copper pot still preserve its subtle smoke and earth ­flavours.  Six generations of the Perez Family are proud to bring you Sotol Por Siempre.

Sotol spirit shares characteristic similarities to its cousins in spirit, Tequila and Mezcal.  The nose opens with bright citrus and white fl­owers quickly growing herbal and vegetal with an intense note of damp, freshly turned earth and whispers of wood smoke and black pepper.  The palate has black pepper spice, earth, mineral, wet stone and a rich, chewy texture with a long, dry and mildly smoky ‑finish.

Enjoy Sotol Por Siempre neat, in classic drinks that call for agave spirits like the Margarita and El Diablo or in creative, contemporary cocktails. 

Volume: 750 mL; ABV: 45%

Available from early to mid-August in limited quantites exclusively through Vanguard Luxury Brands, phone 1300 DRINKS,

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