Sharp Corporation has announced the launch in Australia of the world’s largest LCD TV/monitor, the massive 274cm (108 inch class) LCD model LB-1085.
Manufactured at Sharp’s state-of-the-art Kameyama Plant in Japan, the TV’s widescreen 108-inch Advanced Super View LCD panel measures 2,382mm x 1,340mm – making it the largest LCD TV/Monitor commercially available anywhere in the world.
Offering an expansive viewing area of approximately 3.2 square metres, the LB-1085 also delivers spectacular image quality featuring Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) utilising an ASV Low Reflection Black TFT LCD. The 176 degree field of vision combined with high brightness and high contrast allows images to be seen clearly from virtually any angle, even in bright environments.  When it comes to colour range, the LB-1085 offers the widest colour range available on a Sharp LCD TV/Monitor, boasting a maximum colour display of approximately 758 million colours!
Other functions which help to ensure the very best viewing quality include active contrast, brightness sensor and quick shoot, a feature that improves response time during fast action sequences. Personal viewing preferences are possible via the video adjustment function which allows individual choices such as colour temperature, hue, saturation and 3D-Y/C.
The LB-1085 strengthens Sharp’s current line-ups of both LCD TVs and Professional LCD Monitors. The LB-1085 is designed with the philosophy of “built–to–last” in mind. Capable of 24/7 operation without losing any vividness of image quality, the fan-less architecture is not only super quiet but also easier to maintain, with no mechanical air ventilation components to cause dust problems.  This makes the LB-1085 perfectly suited to commercial display and signage applications, as well as normal TV and large-screen display use.

Connectivity is streamlined and simple, thanks to the versatile PC and AV terminals which allow a wide range of equipment including media players, computers, HDTV recorders, and Blu-Ray players to be connected. Input terminals include HDMI x 3, DVI-I, Component x 2, S-Video, Composite video and audio. For Professional Monitor use, there is also an RS-232C input for added control such as enabling power to the LCD to be switched on and off and the input channel to be selected remotely via PC. The monitor’s output terminals include audio (RCA pin L/R) and speakers.
As applicable for Sharp’s range of Professional LCD Monitors, the LB-1085 is fully supported by Sharp’s Digital Signage Software, management software that distributes and displays programmed still images, videos and other content posted together with prescheduled data.
The LB-1085’s exceptional size and quality is backed by Sharp’s commitment to delivering superior environmental performance. This is evidenced by low power consumption of just 1,130 W, combined with RoHS compliance, the strict European requirement for significant reductions in the use of detrimental chemical substances during the manufacturing process.
Sharp sees use of the LB-1085 in a variety of applications ranging from prestige home use, to boardrooms, reception areas, showrooms and movie theatres, as well as control rooms and large public display spaces. The LB-1085 breathtaking screen size, clarity of image and 24/7 reliability further cements Sharp’s position as world leader in LCD technology.

The Sharp LB-1085 is available at the suggested selling price of $169,000 (quotation applies).

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