By Triana O'Keefe, editor Australian Hotelier

It is no secret that Australians love sport. Time difference isn’t proving an issue either; it is not unusual to see a full bar at 10am or 11am on a Monday morning watching college basketball or the NFL.

What has been noticed is that venues with quality screens and the latest technology have enjoyed increased patronage year on year as punters are looking for an experience they cannot get in their own lounge room.

A few years ago, a well-known Sydney venue had a Big Screen Projects’ Big Screen installed and had 90 patrons for Superbowl that year.

Two Superbowls later they are showing a 333 per cent growth for that event alone.

“The earning potential of combining a Big Screen and live sports is hard to ignore,” says Nikki Doohan.

“Our most popular Big Screen would be the 7sqm (160”) – it looks impressive in most venues but lately we are finding venues want to take it to the next level into the super screen arena. Our 11.25sqm (203”) Big Screen is quickly becoming the sort after size screen.

“We recently installed a Big Screen in the Crown Casino, in the newly renovated Carbon Sports Bar. Their screen is a 130sqm high definition wrap around screen across three walls. It is the largest in any venue in Australia. The impact of this high definition Big Screen is mind blowing; you actually feel like you are at the game.

“Hoteliers are quickly realising that stadium style LED screens equates to more people through their doors –that will come more often, stay longer, spend more and the reason is simple. Their venue is providing the entertainment experience that they can’t get in their own lounge room, making the local pub the new ‘third space’.”

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