In the October issue of National Liquor News, Skyy Vodka revealed what to expect from its global relaunch, with a new bottle, liquid and RTD range now rolling out across the country.

Skyy Vodka has always been a trail blazer in the vodka category. Upon its initial launch, it caused a stir by being one of the first vodka brands to pioneer with an innovative, quadruple distilled, triple filtration process. From the start, it has aimed to shake things up, with an unwavering commitment to creating a pure and smooth vodka with one of the lowest levels of impurities in the industry.

And now, Skyy is again looking to shatter category standards, relaunching globally with the next evolution of its liquid, as well as refreshed packaging and a new RTD range.

Inside the bottle, the new vodka is enriched with the taste of Pacific minerals and filtered through California Limestone, paying homage to the brand’s roots. And while Skyy was originally created to be the perfect vodka for a martini, this latest evolution intends to be the perfect base for a vodka and soda.

“Skyy explored naturally occurring elements found in the coastal waters surrounding San Francisco and discovered the unique quality that minerals, including minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area, could bring to vodka. We enriched the water in our liquid with these minerals to add subtle salinity and minerality intended to enhance the mouthfeel and fresh taste of our vodka and soda,” said Paolo Marinoni, Marketing Director at Campari Australia, the local distributor of Skyy.

The core values and ethos at the heart of Skyy have influenced how it evolved ahead of this global relaunch. One of these important beliefs within the brand lies in the power of the collective, and how ‘when we do things together, we go further.’ So for the refresh of the iconic vodka, Skyy brought together a diverse collective of experts, including a water sommelier, a chemist and a bartender, to explore how to add more natural character to the vodka.

As Marinoni said: “This group brought together its complementary expertise to craft a twist to our liquid that expresses itself across all the elements of our brand.”

The refreshed packaging design also honours Skyy’s San Francisco origins while demonstrating the brand’s progression into a more modern look that will make more of an impact with target consumers.

“Inspired by the natural character of San Francisco that the twist to our liquid embraces, the new bottle features a sophisticated and sleek appearance with a lighter, more natural tone of blue, ripples and ridges reflecting the waves of the Pacific Ocean, and a restyled logo that adds warmth and confidence. This new packaging design is a natural progression of the Skyy brand, with a more upscale expression that still retains key elements of the original iconic bottle,” Marinoni said.

To hero just what this new twist vodka can offer to consumers, Skyy has also made it available in a range of vodka and soda RTDs, with Lime & Mint and Lemon & Elderflower flavour offerings. These new RTDs pair Skyy with thoughtfully chosen citrus and botanical accents that enhance the vodka, rather than mask it, illustrating how the spirit provides the perfect base for one of Australia’s favourite mixed drinks.

The new identity and liquid for Skyy is rolling out now across the country, while the relaunch is supported by a new ‘Born From The Blue’ brand campaign, starting this month. For more information, contact your local Campari Australia sales representative.

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