Commonwealth Bank’s Benefits Finder digital dashboard has helped more than 12,500 businesses claim millions in rebates and grants in the last six months.

According to data released on March 23, the average value of claims initiated through Commonwealth Bank’s (CommBank) Benefits Finder is just under $11,000.

Clare Morgan, CommBank’s Executive General Manager for Small Business says that the bank is committed to supporting its business customers: “We’re continuing to invest in our digital tools and products to make it easier for our customers to run their business.”

For hospitality businesses, the tool provides a useful means of accessing grants and rebates they may not have realised they were entitled to, all the more vital given the effects of the Pandemic and recent flooding.  

The Benefits Finder has added more than 145 business-specific rebates and benefits since it was expanded in June 2021.  Moreover, March is NSW Small Business Month, and CommBank has responded by adding more than 40 benefits for NSW business to the Finder, including those from the State Government support package announced in January.

CommBank says that over 100,000 businesses visited the dedicated Benefits Finder for Business dashboard on the bank’s digital platforms. The dashboard provides instructions on how to apply for financial benefits and relief, such as state and federal COVID government support measures. Additional growth grants, rebates and non-monetary benefits (like free training) can also be accessed through CommBank’s tools.

And Morgan states that the bank is continually updating the dashboard to include the latest relief measures in response to events like the recent flooding on the East Coast.

“We’re moving quickly to keep updating the digital feature for businesses, with new grants, rebates and other benefits continually added every month and in response to real-time events, such as the major flooding across Australia’s east coast,” Morgan said.

Since the Benefits Finder’s initial launch in September 2019, CommBank has said that the tool has helped businesses process more than 1.8 million claims, and recoup or save more than $500 million.

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