Dickson’s Mill Distribution has introduced world first technology with SMARTBREW, a new small-batch brewing system that enables venues to pour the freshest possible beer and create their own beer range at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The SMARTBREW system transforms traditional manual brewing techniques by way of a fully automated system with online monitoring capabilities, and can be setup in as little as 10sqm metres.  Customers who buy the equipment are also supplied the raw materials and beer recipes / instructions to brew on-site, enabling them to produce a unique range of beer styles and flavours that offer patrons a true micro-brew experience.

Customers are supplied fresh wort, hops and yeast, which is added to the system together will locally sourced water and brewed for six to eight hours. After the brew cycle is complete, hops and yeast are automatically added prior to the tank crash cooling for fermentation, around 14 to 21 days.  The SMARTBREW system can be configured with the control panel plus 4, 5 or 6 tanks (500 Litres or 1,000 Litres each) making it customisable based on floor space and the number of beers required on tap.

Dickson’s Mill Distribution, General Manager, Andrew Danby says as has been the tradition for thousands of years, true artisan brewers produce wort by selecting precisely the right blends using only the finest ingredients from around the world.  SMARTBREW is no different.

“By automating the system we can significantly reduce the time required for human interaction and also reduce the requirement of each venue employing a master brewer, storage for raw materials and additional brewing equipment.” Danby said.

Darwin’s SIX TANKS BREW COMPANY, Sydney’s BANKSTOWN SPORTING CLUB and Brisbane’s CASABLANCA will be the first venues amongst others to install the SMARTBREW system.

For further information visit www.dicksonsmill.com.au or contact:

Andrew Danby, General Manager, Dickson’s Mill Distribution

Tel: +61 438 116 134


Email: andrewd@dicksonsmill.com.au

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