Pure Wine Co. is expanding the distribution of SOS wines to Victoria.

Save Our Souls was first released in 2008 as a collaboration between long-time friends Jason Searle and William “Bill” Downie. Since 2022, Pure Wine Co. have been distributing SOS in all states except for Victoria. As of March this year, Pure Wine Co. has expanded the distribution nationally.

The expanded distribution represents a great opportunity, according to Searle.

“We believe we will be exposed more broadly and want to focus on what matters most – making delicious wine for others to enjoy. New to the Pure Wine Co portfolio is the 2019 SOS Chardonnay, and we believe this vintage truly defines our style,” said Searle.

Searle and Downie met at Bass Phillip in 1995. Searle subsequently pursued wine retail, and Downie began winemaking two years later in 1997, focusing on Pinot Noir. In 2008, they released their first SOS wine, a dry rosé. SOS’s current range includes a Chablis-style Chardonnay, a benchmark Pinot Noir, an easy-drinking Sangiovese and a textured sparkling wine.

“Save Our Souls began in 2008, bringing together two light-hearted winemakers to develop a brand designed for everyday drinking. The result is wines that punch above their weight and are inclusive and sociable,” said Downie. “We align with Victorian grape growers who share their passion for wines that speak of their origins. Whether from down south in Mornington Peninsula to the Yarra Valley and up to the famous Heathcote region. We will continue to be adventurous and keep evolving. And most importantly, we will carry on being two mates having fun.”

Pure Wine Co. is based in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills and operates across the country. Daniel Killey, CEO of Pure Wine Co. expressed his excitement that the company will now distribute SOS wines in its home state of Victoria.

“To represent SOS wines across Australia is exciting. Having Jason Searle and William Downie crafting delicious Victorian wines available to consumers by the glass and in bottle shops at accessible price points is exciting for us, our customers and for consumers,” Killey concluded.

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