By Sacha Delfosse

SouthTrade International (STI) will be running its successful Liquid Miles trade incentive again this year, giving bars across the country the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to the Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans.

The Liquid Miles competition will begin on March 5 and run through till May 25. Although the concept is the same, the criteria has been changed slightly and brands such as Agwa, Pusser’s Rum, Sheep Dip Whisky and the Hayman’s Gin range will also be included.

Last year’s inaugural Liquid Miles program delivered a boost in sales for STI with over 200 nine-litre cases sold over three months through the 50 participating venues as well as providing strong brand positioning.

"It definitely placed some of our brands in the forefront of some venues with some pushing the boundaries and working with brands they wouldn’t have in the past," STI senior brand manager, Tony Lau, said.

Lau believes Liquid Miles is a simple and fair program that is targeted at venues that not only want to win a trip to TOTC but also see the incentive as an opportunity to push premium brands that delivery higher margins.

"It is an awesome opportunity that helps motivate staff members and to help drive profits for owners. The mechanics are simple and there is a relatively even playing field for small, medium or large venues."

"We would like to be fair and offer the competition to all types of venues, as at the end of the day, consumers will go to high-end bars, and the same consumer will also go to clubs and we want to make sure that the same consistent service and delivery of our brands is present across multiple types of venues."

For more information visit or contact your local SouthTrade representative.

Pictured above: Dina Sokol, Assistant Manager at Gold Bar, the winner of last year’s Liquid Miles

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