By James Atkinson

Adelaide's new small bar laws have been welcomed as a positive step for the industry, but concerns remain over tough new late night trading conditions proposed for venues state-wide.

Shaun Pattinson, owner of Cushdy, a leading Adelaide cocktail bar that has a 5am licence, told TheShout the new small bar licences are "long and overdue".

"I know there's been a lot of venues that have had to spend quite a bit of money just to get through the licensing stage," he said.

But he remains concerned that the SA Government is still trying to push through its late night code, which mandates plastic glassware after midnight and 3am lockouts regardless of a venue's incident record.

"It should be done more on merit and previous history rather than tarring everyone with the same brush," he said.

"For cocktail bars that have never had any problem with incidents, having to serve a martini in a plastic glass is not reasonable."

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  1. Shaun Patterson at Cushidy won’t be able to make any Martini at all as the draft Code has a ban on using more than 30ml of spirits.

  2. Yes well said Shaun,any self respecting person who enjoys the flavours of a well made cocktail, wine or other would not be bothered entering a premise to relax and enjoy the atmosphere if they had to consume their beverage from a plastic cup like when they were 2 years old.
    Grow up government bodies, we are fed up with your re-actionary laws that are implemented as a result of a minority of idiots whom will never change regardless of what they drink out of and always affects the majority of law abiding, level headed citizens who do care how they vote!

  3. plastic cups wont change anything. they still have furniture (bar stools) and eating utensils (knives/forks) in these venues dont they- idiots will find a way to injure someone if they want to, glasses or not. what next, polycarb chairs and plastic forks? more ‘nanny-state’ behaviour by the out of touch govt on behalf of a very small and unrepresentative minority of dickheads.

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