Husk Distillers Spiced Bam Bam batch #2 has been released, with batch #3 to follow in November.

This native spiced Australian Agricole rum has been in high demand since selling out after winning a gold medal at this year’s San Francisco World’s Spirit Competition.

Spiced Bam Bam is an all natural, paddock to bottle, native spiced agricole rum.

Unlike many commercial spiced rums, Spiced Bam Bam is first and foremost a well crafted agricole rum with its own flavours and natural colour.

Spiced Bam Bam is made from 4 year old Australian agricole rum, from the 2014 harvest at Husk Farm Distillery.


Agricole rum is made from freshly cut & crushed sugar cane juice, rather than molasses. This is a French Caribbean style of rum making, which accounts for about 3% of the world rum production. Husk Distillers are the first & only agricole rum distillery in Australia.

Agricole rums are generally more dry and complex than most traditional molasses rums. Unlike molasses rums, agricole has terroir in the manner of Bordeaux wines and Cognacs, with the provenance of the region reflected in the end product.

Spiced Bam Bam #2 was aged for 4 years in oak barrels before being spiced with an infusion of whole native & traditional botanicals.

Native Australian ginger, which grows wild in the rainforest at Husk Farm Distillery.

Roasted Australian wattle seed, local native ginger, sun-dried orange peel combine with golden berries, whole Tahitian vanilla beans and cinnamon quills to create a unique spice flavour rounded and balanced with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Perfect in a spiced old fashioned, espresso martini, Hemingway daiquiri or just on the rocks with a twist, Spiced Bam Bam is now available through selected wholesalers across the country.

QLD / Northern NSW: ALM, Liquid SB, Rivercity Wholesalers

Sydney: Gateway Liquor, Paramount

Melbourne: Paramount

Newcastle: East Coast Liquor

Australia-wide: Direct from the distillery. Email

For more information visit or call 0406 063 040.

Husk Distillers is Australia’s only agricole distillery, making 100% paddock to bottle rum using cane grown on their farm.

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