Just in time for Christmas, Spiegelau (one of Europe’s leading fine glass makers) is launching its new range of beer glasses; each uniquely designed for the beer-lover who wants to get the maximum amount of flavour out of every beer.
With the explosion of a sophisticated beer culture, as well as countless beer festivals, Beer Awards (Australia is now home to the second largest beer competition in the world), and the proliferation of beer enthusiast websites, it is difficult to miss that over the last few years, beer has followed wine into the hearts of consumers as a versatile, quality beverage with many different flavours and aromas to discover.
Like wine, you can now get your hands on the right tools to help enhance those characters (appearance, aroma, taste, finish) and find the perfect beer to match your favourite dishes.
In the same way that sister company Riedel does with wine, Spiegelau has used their expertise in aroma and flavour development, plus 500 years experience in producing technologically advanced crystal to develop three elegant, especially thin blown beer glasses to match the world‘s most common beer styles:
The Pilsner (2pcs.tude – 499 10 74)    
A modified tulip-shaped glass, designed so the open mouth at the top allows for an intense release of flavours and the lip deposits the liquid neatly to the tip of your tongue. Try with James Squires Pilsner, Matilda Bay Premium or a Pilsner Urquell.
The Lager (2pcs.tude – 499 10 84)    
A tall glass slightly tapered at the bottom. Thanks to its mouth being slightly wider than its foot, it is good for getting the most from the typical flavours and aromas of pale lagers, ales and German ‘Helles’. Try with Budjejovicky Budvar, Bluetongue Premium lager or James Squires Amber Ale.
The Wheat Beer (2pcs.tude – 499 10 85)
A traditional elongated thin vessel, bulbous at the top to accommodate the thicker head produced by the extra protein in wheat as opposed to barley. Try with James Squires Golden Ale, Beez Neez or Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier.
Each range is available in a stylish two glass gift packs (rrp $39.95 each – $197.73 wholesale for a 9 pack box) making them an ideal gift.
Spiegelau is well known for it’s durability and an independent study certified Spiegelau as “extremely dishwasher safe” after a 1500 dishwasher cycle test found no scratching, markings, loss of brilliance, change in colour or build up of water chemicals and residue.
A quick comparison tasting between a beer drunk from the bottle and one drunk from a Spiegelau glass will certainly start the conversation as to whether a beer drunk straight out of the bottle is actually a beer drunk at all or one just swallowed!
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E: info@spiegelau.com.au
P: 02 9966 0033

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