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St Agnes has released upgraded packaging for its St Agnes VS and VSOP brandies to appeal to a new, more craft-oriented consumer base.

Both the brandies now come in more premium looking bottles featuring a slightly modified St Agnes logo in a raised emboss with new capsules and more contemporary, elegant and premium label designs.

The most dramatic change has been to the St Agnes VS, which has seen the 'three star' moniker that first appeared in 1944, replaced with the 'VS (Very Superior)' terminology as the distillery looks at export markets in a serious way for the first time.

Also lost from the label is the off-white background that has been on every label since they first were printed in 1925, and the “Classic Pot Still” phrasing. These have been replaced by a gold background and “Double Distilled Pot Still” wording.

Matt Redin, marketing manager for St Agnes Distillery, said: “As Australia’s only handcrafted VSOP brandy we felt it was high time to lift its image, give the packaging a more luxurious feel and position ourselves alongside the more highly regarded international brandies.

"We have proven to be succesful in international spirits competitions and now have a package that comfortably sits alongside many higher priced imported products.” 

Since 1925 every bottle of St Agnes brandy has been handcrafted at the Renmark, South Australia, distillery with only five master distillers learning, practising and passing on their artisan skills in that time.

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  1. I grew up 5ks from Angove’s Winery as a child and for a number of years my families grapes went to the winery. Good to see that they’ve refreshed the branding for the product. Pretty certain I used to use this to cook with and also may have pinched it from my parents liquor cabinet.

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