Australian beer company St Arnou has launched its Pale Ale into amber bottles for the run up to Summer 2008.

St Arnou Pale Ale has been a flagship award winning draught beer for St Arnou since 2001 and has become the largest selling St Arnou draught beer in states such as Victoria. With the increase in its popularity, St Arnou launched their Pale Ale in bottle form in Australia and Singapore earlier this month.

The golden beer combines pale malts and fresh ale yeasts to produce a uniquely fruity character with a delicate aroma. It displays a subtle complexity whilst retaining a clean sessionable finish.

The Pale Ale is the fourth draught beer to be released into bottles by St Arnou, as part of the company’s plan to incrementally release all five draught beers into bottles between January 2007 and June 2009.

“The growth of the Pale Ale category has seen our draught sales across the country grow astronomically,“ sid Nick Allardice, the national manager for the package beer.

“Therefore we knew the time was right to launch it in bottles. We launched it in an amber version of our internationally acclaimed bottle. As the warmer months approach we believe our Pale Ale is a perfectly suited for summer occasions. It is a clean crisp beer with a nice balance of fruit and a hint of honey. “

St Arnou is one of Australia’s leading independent beer companies, which was founded in 2001.The St Arnou brand is now recognised for its quality and supreme packaging design, which has won 13 international design awards to complement the quality of the beers inside the bottles. St Arnou can be found throughout Dan Murphy’s across Australia and in selected premium bottle shops.


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