As a pioneer in the world of whisky, holding a 45 per cent share of the Australian whisky category and growing at +25 per cent volume MAT (IRI, July 2023), Starward is looking to recruit the next generation of whisky drinkers.

Starward, which has just been ranked number 15 in the World’s Most Admired Whiskies 2023 list by Drinks International, and the only Australian distillery recognised on the list, is launching a new pack design across its core range.

The new design showcases vibrant labels inspired by the brand’s DNA – maturing their whisky in Australian red wine barrels.

Set to disrupt the whisky category with greater shelf impact, the release of the new-look bottles is supported by a national media campaign rollout this month.

“When I founded Starward Whisky back in 2007, my goal was to create an outrageously delicious and distinctly Australian whisky, to offer to the world with pride,” said David Vitale, Starward Founder.

“Taking whisky out of its comfort zone is where our team feels most comfortable. And it’s how we started out – using barrels from the famed Australian wine regions in our backyard to craft something that is all about flavour.”

The new design aims to grab consumers’ attention, showcasing a new bottle, evolved wordmark, and clear tasting notes. Making the most impact when brand blocked at eye level in-store, the new bottle design will be accompanied by impactful point of sale materials, which can be displayed on shelf to drive sales.

“Inspired by the wine-soaked staves, the starburst lines of our new label represent looking into the wine barrels that we use to mature our whisky. The label design communicates the unique story, and flavour, of each of our whiskies,” Vitale explains.

As well as redesigning the bottles, Starward Whisky has renamed its single malt whisky, formerly Fortis, to 100 Proof, responding to research indicating that shoppers wanted to better understand the whisky’s point of difference, and why it carries a more premium price point.

Starward saw this as an opportunity to appeal to whisky enthusiasts through the renaming, by leveraging its higher ABV and communicating that it’s bottled at 100 Proof (50 per cent ABV).

As a brand that is committed to making a positive contribution, improved sustainability measures were a huge consideration in the development of the new bottles.

“When working on this project, we wanted to ensure any changes we made had a positive environmental impact. That is why we’ve moved our glass production onshore, helping to eliminate freight emissions from our supply chain,” said Sam Slaney, Starward Production Director.

“We’ve also reduced the glass weight in our Single Malt bottles by approximately 200g per bottle, moved to approximately 50 per cent recycled glass content in every 700ml bottle, and we’ve implemented a plant-based closure.

“We’re extremely proud to be making strides towards our sustainability targets with our new pack, bringing our whisky to consumers with less impact on the planet,” added Slaney.

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