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Stella Artois has introduced a sophisticated new look to its bottle and packaging to be rolled out across Australia from 1 November.

Australia will be the first market to release the new look bottle and pack to conincide with this year's Give Beautifully campaign, which celebrates Stella Artois' Christmas origins. The new look Stella Artois will roll out globally in 2016.

The updated packaging highlights the brands Belgium heritage but in a fresh and contemporary way.

The bottle design features a new elegant shape with higher shoulders, and embossed Stella Artois horn, which is the symbol of the original Den Hoorn brewery, and a more prominent placement of the signature Stella Artois chalice.

The iconic white neck label has been refined with the addition of perforations to ensure a cleaner rip of the paper on opening.

Drinkers are given two options; 'pry off' for those opening the bottle and pouring the beer into a chalice, and 'tear off' for those drinking direct from the bottle. Both ensure the paper doesn't interfere with a drinker's lips.

The six-pack and carton packaging will feature a new photographic style with a high-end finish.

The Stella Artois premium lager will remain unchanged.

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