By Deborah Jackson, editor National Liquor News

Stone & Wood’s previously limited release beer, Garden Ale, has joined Pacific Ale, Lager and Jasper Ale in the brand’s core range of beers as of this month.

Brewed with a blend of pale and crystal malts, and both kettle and dry hopped with Ella, Garden Ale has a citrus aroma balanced with a clean malt character and easy bitter finish. At 3.8 per cent ABV, it’s a brew designed to be sessionable.

Originally launched in 2012, the recipe has had a change-up, with Ella hops taking the place of Juniper Berries. The Ella hop creates a calm peachy roundness with gentle grapefruit smoothness.

Stone & Wood said in a statement: “We held off releasing it further than our backyard beyond the balmy months until we knew we had the capacity. For us good things take time, but this was a hard decision as we knew both punters and our good customers were keen to drink and serve a sessionable beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour.”

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