As the sun starts to stretch its golden rays, Australians begin to prepare for their favourite time of the year. The days grow longer, the weather gets warmer, and the call of the great outdoors beckons. It’s the season of sun-kissed skin, endless dips in the ocean, and barbecues with friends and family. It’s the season of Pacific Ale.

“To me, our Pacific ale is that first dip in the ocean to break the sweat. It’s a taste of those late summer afternoons when the salt from the surf begins to dry on your skin, and you eagerly anticipate that first sip of ice-cold beer. The gentle sea breeze cools you down, and all you can think about is that golden pub on the horizon.” PATRICK COULSON

Pacific Ale takes us back to summer getaways in Byron or Noosa and last-minute trips down the coast in the van. It’s what is packed into the esky and passed around the campfire with old mates. This brew captures the essence of the season.

For those fortunate enough to live close to the beach, Pacific Ale washes away the stress of a long day, immersing yourself in the spray of the Pacific Ocean and the warm embrace of the sun. This beer is the embodiment of those moments, a testament to the simple pleasures of Australian summer.

Inspired by our home on the Pacific Ocean, our Pacific Ale was brewed specifically to capture that moment when you step off the sand and reach for something cold. We like to think our Pacific Ale tastes like sunshine in a glass. With big tropical aromas and cloudy haze, the original pacific ale became so synonymous with summer that it kicked off an entire category of beer in Australia.

As the warmer months approach, Australians need little excuse to reach for a refreshing beer in the afternoon. Whether you’re celebrating the festive season with friends or enjoying a casual backyard cricket match, this beer is the ideal companion.

Pacific Ale stands as a testament to the Australian way of life. More than a beer, it’s a tradition, a symbol of summer, and a taste of home, no matter where you may be in the world. So, this season, reach for a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and bring a piece of Australian summer into your glass, no matter where you are. 

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