No more putting a count off or spotting shrinkage problems weeks after they have occurred. Vectron's fast, accurate computerized technology offers timely results and limits liquor theft, spillage and wastage. Save significant time and effort on manually reconciling sales vs actual inventories.

Our intelligent Beverage Metering and Fount Systems compare every ounce of alcohol that flows through your bar to your POS records. Variances are automatically identified and alerts sent straight to your PC or phone.
How much are over pours & spillage costing?

If one server over pours one drink per shift, the losses add up throughout the year. Automatic variance alerts let you identify problems immediately and resolve at shift end rather than month end. Use to control free pour liquor as well as draught beer and post mix. Manage liquor costs down at your hotel, bar or pub. Let your bar staff free pour but automatically keep track of your liquor inventory in real-time.

Loaded with features, you can see:

  • Consumption compared to actual POS sales.
  • Consumption by product, brand and category.
  • Who poured what and when.
  • Combined inventory value by location.
  • Weak links in day to day operations causing inventory losses.


Easy, fast, accurate, invisible to customers, liquor control systems can be interfaced with Vectron’s own or other POS systems.

Enjoy easy control with the latest technologies from Vectron, serving the hospitality industry for over 18 years. 

We will spend time reviewing your needs and put together a system proposal specifically for your venue.  See our website for all our Hospitality systems, email or call us on 1300 789 366 to discuss your needs with one of our team.

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