In this week’s instalment of citizen journalism, Australian Drug Foundation operations manager – NSW, John Reid, demands the trade take stock of alcohol-related problems and give the RTD tax hike a fair go.

“I don’t think any reasonably aware Australian citizen could argue that we do not have an endemic problem with the over-consumption of alcohol and the detrimental effect it is having on our community.

Even if the absolute effect of the tax on RTDs is yet to be determined, shouldn’t the Government be praised for at least trying to address the issue?

The constant bleating from the alcohol industry, in the interests of maintaining your revenue, is blatant self-interest and thumbs its nose at any concern about the wellbeing of the Australian community.

What real interest have you shown in addressing the issue and recognising that your businesses cause an extraordinary amount of harm? This seems to be of no interest to you.

And the general community that take a stab — saying the RTD tax hike is not working — what alternatives do they have? Do they speak from an educated point of view and do they know more than people who spend their lives researching and looking for strategies to make Australia a healthier place, particularly for our young?

It is time for all Australia to recognise we have a huge problem with excess consumption of alcohol and stop getting in the way of anyone trying to fix it.”
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