Just in time for this summer, Strongbow is launching an innovative and exciting new apple cider to its portfolio – Strongbow Clear. Strongbow Clear offers drinkers a new cider with 50% less sugar and 35% less carbohydrate than other regular ciders.

Made with bittersweet apples, Strongbow Clear combines two of the biggest trends in alcoholic drinks right now: cider and reduced carbohydrates. Low-carb beer is currently the fastest growing segment within the beer market1, with category leader Pure Blonde in double-digit growth2. Cider is growing at an equally rapid rate – almost 25% volume growth in the past year3. “The success of lower-carb and lighter-style drinks has been phenomenal. There has been extensive innovation in Australia within this area for both wine and beer, but up until now there had not been similar development for cider,” said General Manager of Cider Category, Jenny Nolch.


“Pure Blonde kick-started the low-carb beer trend five years ago, and it is still the fastest growing beer segment nationally. This growth reflects the changes in consumer taste preferences, and as cider continues to grow in popularity it needs to accommodate a shift towards lighter-style beverages,” she said.
Strongbow Clear is slow-filtered, to create a crisp, dry finish, and 35% lower carbs than other regular ciders. It retains the rich apple flavour and acidity of a traditional cider, but with a less sugary taste4.
As consumer awareness of cider increases, and drinkers trial different cider varieties, they are realising that cider is in fact not always sweet, but is more often a fresh, quenching, and full flavoured drink compared to other alcoholic beverages.

In line with extensive category growth, the Strongbow portfolio has grown 20.5% in value and 15% in volume against last year, contributing over 46% of the cider segment’s growth within the past year5. Strongbow’s established history within the cider category is evident in its 67% market share6, and the launch of a new lighter-style cider promises to appeal to drinkers seeking a more refreshing drink choice for summer. Strongbow Clear will be available in stores November 2, and has accompanying POS materials including pallet toppers, empty belly posters, tent cards, and fridge decals.
Strongbow Clear has a RRP of $14.99 for a 6-pack and $50.99 for a case.
ABV 5.0% 1.4 Standard Drinks

For more information phone: 1800 007 282

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