By Andy Young

Sullivans Cove's award-winning French Oak cask whisky is available once again on pre-order, while stocks last.

The winner of the  World's Best Single Malt Whisky at the 2014 World Whisky Awards, the French Oak cask has proved extremely popular since taking that trophy.

Although Bert Cason, the sales and marketing manager at Sullivans Cove, told TheShout that the French Oak was proving popular before the award, he admitted it did make a huge difference.

"It was a slow build for the French Oak," Cason said.

"Last year, before the award the French Oak was coming to a point where it was selling as much as it could sell and then of course it just went through the roof."

The whisky is now available once again, and although some will be made available to distributors, the majority will be sold direct through the Sullivans Cove website. Cason did add that none of the French Oak will be going overseas, it is all for Australian consumers.

Cason added that the reason for this is simply supply. 

"The problem with the French Oak is we have limits on mature stock," he said.

"Generally the French Oak is only at a standard that we are happy to bottle it, when it's 10 years old, which means there is a limit on what we can produce each year.

"We sold what we had in stock to send out immediately and everything else is on pre-order and those will be shipped out over the next two months or so.

"Then in about three to four months time we will release the rest of it.

"The reason why there is a gap in supply is that everything we do here is by hand. We don't have a bottling line, so each bottle is bottled by hand."

That supply, does mean there are limits on what people can buy.

"We do limit the website to one bottle per person, because otherwise people were coming on and buying 15 bottles at a time," Cason told TheShout.

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