By Andy Young

The plans for Irish whiskey to grow its exports and global market share could be hit by supply problems, according to a new report.

As previously reported by TheShout, Irish whiskey is planning to grow is global market share by 300 per cent by 2030, exporting 24 million, nine-litre cases, up from the current 6.5m. 

That growth will see 12.6m nine-litre cases being exported by 2020, but a report from consultancy firm Compecon, estimates there will be a 28 per cent shortfall by the end of the decade. The report claims that Ireland should adopt the wholesale-market model, currently in place in Scotland, in order to better manage its supply.

Pat Massey, director of Compecon, said: "While Ireland and Scotland are similar in population terms, the Irish whiskey industry is dwarfed by its Scottish counterpart which illustrates the benefit of a proper functioning wholesale market for bulk Irish whiskey."

Compecon compiled the report for Wild Geese Irish Whiskey and its founder, André Levy, added: How many of the famous Scotch whisky brands have achieved success before building their own distilleries funded from cash flow and government support? 

“Scotland has an open whisky market, resulting in hundreds of brands and over 130 distilleries. Consequently, it dominates the international whisky market. By emulating that template in Ireland, we could achieve similar success.”

There are currently just four distilleries in Ireland with mature whiskey stocks, plus another four distilleries in operation, but as they are new their stocks are not yet fully matured. The popularity of Irish whiskey is growing massively though and there are around 20 distilleries either being planned or built in Ireland.

Ireland's Minister for Agriculture and Food, Simon Coveney, said recently: "Irish whiskey brands now represent the fastest growing spirit globally and with investment of €1 billion planned over a 10-year period, the product and those who champion it will be well placed to generate growth, exports and jobs, and a very special tourist offering celebrating an all-island heritage."

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