By Annette Shailer

An independent survey commissioned by the liquor industry has revealed eight out of 10 Australians believe the RTD tax hike has failed and should be scrapped.

The Galaxy Research national survey found 78 per cent of people surveyed believe the tax has been ineffective in curbing binge drinking, with almost half rating it as ‘very ineffective’.

A resounding 77 per cent of respondents believe the Senate should vote down the RTD tax, when put to them by the April 27 deadline.

Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia (DSICA) information and research manager, Stephen Riden, said the survey
of 1058 respondents highlights the opposition to the tax hike.

“Australians have been forced to endure the unintended consequences of this poorly conceived tax grab over the past nine months. They know it has failed and they want it scrapped,” he said.

“Australians want a real solution to problem drinking, not a tax slug that effectively encourages the purchase of cheaper and often stronger forms of alcohol.”

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