Sustainability remains an important consideration for the Australian consumer in their on premise activity, according to CGA by NIQ’s April Consumer Pulse Report.

The report states that 77 per cent of consumers consider sustainability when ordering drinks, while 46 per cent of consumers choose venues based on sustainability and ethical credentials, and two in five consumers choose their drinks based off of these criteria.

The most important concern for consumers is locally sourced and produced products, which 42 per cent of consumers consider, while 31 per cent look for waste reduction, and recycled or eco-friendly packaging were important to about a quarter of participants.

Often, consumers will search for information around a venue or product’s sustainability when eating and drinking, with 17 per cent of consumers always checking, 23 per cent checking most of the time and 20 per cent checking sometimes. This highlights the importance of advertising your sustainability credentials to potential customers.

“Sustainability continues to be a front-of-mind topic influencing consumer interactions with the on premise. With consumers proactively seeking out information to help inform their choices, it’s a golden opportunity for operators and suppliers to consider their sustainability strategy,” said James Phillips, Client Solutions Director.

Additionally, many consumers believe that businesses could do more to combat negative effects on the environment, with 73 per cent holding this view. Packaging is a key concern in this area, with over half of consumers saying companies should consider reducing waste. Almost half of consumers are in favour of recyclable or reusable packaging, and 40 per cent want to see greater use of eco-friendly packaging.

Overall, the report indicates that sustainable and ethical values continue to be of importance to consumers. Undertaking sustainability initiatives and providing customers with easily accessible information about them will encourage patronage and build a positive business image.

“All businesses have the opportunity, responsibility and means to play a significant role in combating climate change that can benefit their consumer, their profits and the planet. Drinks suppliers and operators in Australia are no different and can create this win-win-win scenario,” Phillips concluded.

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