Australian distribution and marketing business Swift + Moore has added ClearMind’s range of non-alcoholic to its portfolio, in response to the growing no-alc trend in Australia.

Demand for non-alcoholic products has been on the rise in recent years, and ClearMind has over two decades of experience in importing non-alc drinks.

For 28 years, ClearMind has been importing non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits from America and Europe, and is now the leading importer of non-alcoholic products from those regions.

With IWSR data indicating that Australian purchase volumes of non-alcoholic beer, cider, wines, spirits and RTDs increased by approximately 60 per cent in 2022, ClearMind managing director Frank Hubbard is optimistic for ClearMind’s future.

“The world, it seems, has caught on to what we’ve always believed; that life is there to be enjoyed. ClearMind began because we wanted to drink wine with our cheese, or at dinner with friends, while still pursuing a healthy lifestyle,” Hubbard stated.

Highlights of the ClearMind range include award-winning German wines Leitz, Nett Reverse and Breakaway, as well as a range curated by highly respected champagne critic, Richard Juhlin.

“While Richard Juhlin’s Blanc de Blancs is perhaps the most popular wine in the range, the Sparkling Rosé made from 100 per cent Pinot Noir grapes from Limoux in the south of France is also a standout. It’s a wine that must be tried. It is likely to become a favourite,” said Michael McShane, CEO of Swift + Moore.

In the non-alcoholic cocktail space, the ClearMind range offers Palermo Aperitifs.

“Palermo Rosso has those rich spicy undertones and unmistakable dark colour that tickles your taste buds every time,” McShane noted.

Overall, McShane is looking forward to bringing the ClearMind range to the Australian market through Swift + More distribution.

“We have acquired good stock levels of the ClearMind range and are hugely proud to make them available to our customers in Australia. July is the perfect time to bring ClearMind’s products to a market eager to try world-class non-alcoholic products,” he concluded.

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