By James Wells

The manufacturer of a six-times filtered vodka manufactured in Switzerland, which is also available as a chocolate liqueur, is looking for an Australian importer.

According to Union Spirits sales and marketing director, Sven Friedel, the points of difference for his product relate to the landscape and location of the vodka's origin.

"The birth of Alpi vodka is a landscape of splendid valleys surrounded by the Swiss Alps, whose ancient glaciers give rise to some major European rivers like the Rhone and the Rhone.

"The alps provide perfect weather for the production and appreciation of Alpi Swiss vodka.

"This vodka is made exclusively from winter wheat grown in the fertile Swiss Highlands and water of exceptional purity naturally filtered through our alpine limestone."

Union Spirits, the manufacturer of Alpi Swiss Vodka is based in Biasca, Switzerland.

To hear more from Sven Friedel, click on the video below recorded at the recent ProWine China exhibition in Shanghai…

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