By Andrew Starke

The City of Sydney will establish 34 new Alcohol Free Zones (AFZs) and actively engage operators of licensed premises to combat alcohol related anti-social behaviour and violence.

Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, said the decision was part of a comprehensive approach to tackling alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour.

"The city has a number of important initiatives already in place to help address anti-social behaviour associated with street drinking,” she said.

"This is not about spoiling people's enjoyment. This is about making our public places safer for everyone.

"We work closely with the operators of licensed premises, and our Public Space Liaison Officer regularly visits areas where street drinkers congregate, guiding them into support services and alerting our cleansing team and Rangers if an area needs cleaning," said Moore.

The 34 new zones were proposed following complaints by residents or police and were subject to community consultation and public exhibition.

A further five existing AFZs will be renewed in the Kings Cross area.

"The results of our public consultation strongly support the establishment of the AFZs across the CBD," said Moore.

The proposals were endorsed by council on Monday night (Sep 13).

The following streets will be designated Alcohol Free Zones for the next four years:

Kings Cross Area
Brougham St from Rae Place to Cowper Wharf Rd;
Brougham St from William St to Brougham Lane;
Dowling St from northern city side of railway viaduct to Sydney Place;
Liverpool St from Yurong St to College St;
Kings Lane between Riley St and Crown St;
Little Burton St.

Newtown area
Egan St from Prospect St to Mechanic St;
Victoria St from Hordern St to O'Connell St.

Redfern area
Louis St;
Eveleigh St from Caroline St to Vine St;
Vine St from Louis St to Eveleigh St.

Surry Hills area
Little Albion St;
Crawford Place;
Little Riley St from Anne St to Mackay St;
Reservoir St between Elizabeth St and Commonwealth St;
Beauchamp Lane between Reservoir St and Commonwealth St;
Batmans Lane between Reservoir St and Campbell St;
Ann St;
Batmans Lane from Reservoir St to Ann St;
Beauchamp Lane from Reservoir St to Hunt St;
Brisbane St from Goulburn St to Commonwealth St;
Campbell St from Riley St to Mary St;
Commonwealth St;
Crown St from Cleveland St to Arthur St;
Goodchap St;
Goulburn Lane;
Hunt St from Campbell St to Wentworth St;
Little Riley St from Campbell St to Mackay St;
Little Smith St;
Mackey St;
Nickson St from Cleveland St to Devonshire St;
Reservoir St from Crown St to Commonwealth St;
Samuel St;
Smith St.

Existing AFZs proposed for renewal:

Kings Cross area

Macleay St from Darlinghurst Rd to Wylde St;
Victoria St from Darlinghurst Rd to MacDonald Lane;
Brougham St from Brougham Lane to Rae Place;
Brougham Lane from Victoria St to Brougham St;
Francis St from Riley St to College St

Currently there are 147 AFZs within the City of Sydney Local Government Area.

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