Sydney Gin brand Poor Toms has created a new campaign that invites everyone to confess their deepest, darkest sins in return for a bottle of gin.

Launched via crowdfunding, Poor Toms is based in Sydney’s Inner West and inspired by both its own wandering English namesake, as well as Sydney’s debaucherous and sin-filled past.

So with that in mind, the brand has created Ginsus, the mythical character who accepts gin drinkers’ confessions and blesses them with Poor Toms Gin. The campaign is supported by a range of social media, point of sale, PR and digital activity – with specially tagged bottles of Poor Toms located in bars and bottle shops.

To enter, everyone is invited to call 1800 GINSUS and confess their “most intimate and shameful sins” to the special hotline. When the machine beeps, sinners need to declare: “Forgive me 1800GINSUS for I have sinned…” before confessing.

In a release the brand has confirmed that “No sin will be ignored. No sin not listened to. All will be recorded and considered for upload at”

Only the best sins with be rewarded with Poor Toms Limited Edition Pink Strawberry Gin and more.

Poor Toms gin is handcrafted in small batches in Marrickville and features fresh green apple, native strawberry gum and chamomile.

“We’ve gone for a fairly subtle, fruity, fresh, floral flavour that makes it easy to drink a double – a triple even,” says co-founder Griffin Blumer. “Dangerously easy, some would say.”

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