By Andrew Starke

Sydney pubs generally charge less for beer and some spirits than their counterparts in Melbourne with the NSW capital arguably a contender for cheapest night out in Australia.

According to a report released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Sydney is also the only city in the country where consumers can expect to pay under $40 for a slab of beer.

ABS findings for the quarter to December 2009 found that the average price for 24 beers in Sydney was $39.68, with Melbourne second cheapest at $40.43 and Darwin the most expensive of the eight capital cities at $45.01.

Sydney pubs also fared well, recording the cheapest average price nationwide for a 285ml glass of full strength draught beer and second place for the low alcohol equivalent.

For full strength draught beer (285ml) purchased at a public bar, Sydney averaged $3.16 per glass, Canberra $3.20, Brisbane $3.27, Melbourne $3.46, Hobart $3.64, Darwin $3.65, Perth $3.84 and Adelaide $4.08.

For low alcohol draught beer (285ml) purchased at a public bar, Darwin averaged $2.68 per glass, Sydney averaged $2.75, Canberra $2.85, Melbourne $2.98, Brisbane $3.01, Hobart $3.02, Perth $3.58 and Adelaide $3.63.

However Hobart came up trumps for a 30ml nip of whisky with Tasmania’s capital city averaging $4.53, Canberra $5.03, Sydney and Darwin $5.09, Brisbane $5.11, Adelaide $5.97, Melbourne $6.04 and Perth $6.06.

The survey recorded the responses of several retailers in each capital city but did not include wine or any other alcoholic drinks. 

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