Victorian family-owned winery Tahbilk has put its own take on the enduring Spritz trend, releasing a recipe that features Tahbilk’s 2018 Cane Cut Marsanne and NV Coueslant Chardonnay Pinot.

The recipe was created when Cellar Door Manager Holly Cusworth was inspired by the trend, and after playing around with various wines and flavours, came to produce the Sticky Spritz, which she hopes will become a summer sensation.

“The combination of sweet and fruity flavours in this Spritz is delicious but not cloying. The acid in the sparkling cuts through, creating a not-too-sweet summer sensation,” she says.

“It’s my new go-to drink, but really it’s so special as we’ve never really served or sold a drink like this before, combining two wines from our classic portfolio.”

Combining the marmalade characters, sweet honeysuckle and clean acidity of the Cane Cut Marsanne with the notes of melon and red berry from the NV Coueslant Chardonnay Pinot, the Sticky Spritz showcases tropical flavours, and the recipe is simple.

Sticky Spritz

● Tahbilk Cane Cut Marsanne
● Tahbilk NV Coueslant Chardonnay Pinot sparkling wine
● Soda water
Fresh orange and a sprig of thyme

● Half fill a wine glass with plenty of ice and add the Cane Cut Marsanne and Coueslant Chardonnay Pinot
● Top with soda water
● Add a squeeze of fresh orange juice and stir
● Garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of thyme

The Sticky Spritz will be on sale at the Tahbilk Cellar Door for visitors, at the Tahbilk Restaurant, with the ingredients available to buy online.

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