By Rebecca Harris

Leading Australian distiller Tamborine Mountain Distillery (TMD) has added a new gin to its portfolio – Lilly Pilly gin.

Made using the native lilly pilly plant, the gin is distilled alongside 32 other flavours including juniper, angelica root, caraway, coriander, aniseed myrtle, mistletoe and passionflower, giving it a unique flavour profile.

The addition of lilly pilly also gives the gin a pink hue.

TMD has developed a reputation as a leading Australian distiller.

Most recently, they were awarded Gold and Silver medals at the Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) in America for their Eau-de-Vie, the first time that an Australian distillery has achieved this result.

According to the BTI, the Eau-de-Vie is clear in colour, with flavours of strawberry, custard pie and cream cheese and a long, warming strawberry, cream, powdered sugar, mineral and pepper finish.


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