Lion is currently considering making more of its premium beer brands available in the Tap King draught beer at home format, liquor boss James Brindley told TheShout.

Brindley said Boag's Premium and James Squire Golden Ale have been Tap King's strongest performing SKUs, "so maybe it's more of a premium purchase than what we thought".

He said Lion wants to introduce more of its premium beers but will largely be restricted to those that are brewed at the Tooheys facility in Lidcombe, Sydney where the Tap King packaging line is located, such as the larger volume James Squire brand 150 Lashes.

"We don't do Little Creatures at Tooheys, so it'll have to be a Squires, unless we tankered it in, and Little Creatures is not the type of liquid you want to tanker in," Brindley said.

Tankered in from Tasmania, Boag's is the only Tap King beer not currently brewed on-site at Lidcombe.

Brindley said Tap King is currently performing ahead of forecasts, but he acknowledged that the real challenge for Lion lies in ensuring consumers make a repeat purchase.

"It's up to us to market and communicate the experience of the product," he said.

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  1. Received a tap king for fathers day, nice beer but way too expensive.This weekend the wife and I drank a Boags and a Tooheys new. 8 schooners each for $45, we normally buy xxxx gold at $37 a 30 pack.

  2. Andrew, a schooner is 285mL and each “tapking bottle” is 3.2L… Do the math mate, that’s 11.22 schooners and I just bought a 2 pack of super dry for $42. That’s 22.44 schooners for $42 for a “pub style beer” I know I’m happy with that!!! About $2 a schooner? Bring it on! Love this product and have only had 3 beers đŸ™‚

  3. Joel, a schooner is actually 425ml unless you are from South Australia…. 285ml is a Middy or Pot in every other state. 3.2L / .425 = 7.52 Schooners. its about $2.80 per schooner compared to around $1.70 per stubbie of can. maybe research before commenting next time????

  4. Actually, nameless one, each tap king bottle contains 24 standard drinks. In terms of quantity, you get two to four fewer drinks in a tap king twin pack than you do in a case. But quality is always the seller for people interested. Particularly since only one of the beers in question comes in a can. ..

  5. Love my tap king. Love Tooheys Old. (The real man’s beer). Tooheys Old. Tooheys Old Tooheys Old. When do we get Tooheys Old?

  6. Tap King is the best thing a major Aussie beer manufacturer has done in a long time. The whole package is more than just a novelty. It’s a quality product and the fact that you can can pour a pony or less, is pure gold.

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