Bars and clubs looking for by-the-glass or carafe options beyond beer are enjoying complete control with the Vestal Hybrid by Zip water dispenser.

Integrated into the Vestal sparkling water system (which serves chilled sparkling and still, filtered water, from the mains supply) the Hybrid dispenser can be customised to serve any other beverage from a keg.

Thinking beyond beer and soft drinks, bars, restaurants, pubs and other venues can now offer wines, cocktails, mixed spirits and more, opening up a world of possibility and choice for bars and patrons alike.

With house cocktails and signature blends becoming de rigueur, the Hybrid offers cost and time savings behind the bar.

Preparing fast moving cocktails in advance means bar staff spend less time mixing drinks behind the bar and increase serving rates.

Pouring from a tap is also far less physically and mentally demanding, reducing staff fatigue and improving working conditions, making for happier bartenders.

The system also keeps drinks fresh, with zero oxidation occurring with certain keg configurations. This makes a huge impact on wastage, especially for wine. Half bottles languishing in fridges will no longer be a problem, and the bottom line will improve as wine wastage is reduced. Simultaneously save significant fridge and storage space now used for single-use containers and dramatically reduce glass waste.

The Vestal Hybrid comes in a range of stylish finishes that can be customised to suit any establishment, from industrial to contemporary, elegant to rustic. If you can’t find what you like from the range of font colours and handles, you can create your own bespoke model.

With such high levels of customisation, and no lock-in contracts with beverage suppliers, the Vestal Hybrid gives bars and clubs real flexibility to offer customers more than just beer by the glass.

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