Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA) has announced the appointment of its first Chief Happiness Officer, Sherri Ring. THA, the peak body representing Tasmania’s hospitality industry, has adopted a new approach to foster employee wellbeing state-wide.

Taking innovative measures to strengthen the prosperity of the state’s third-largest employing industry, the appointment of a Chief Happiness Officer will support hospitality businesses to build healthy workplaces. Steve Old, CEO of THA, said the appointment is a natural evolution from the work the organisation has undertaken in recent years.

“Last November 2022 we launched our HOSPO Health program, an initiative that was part of our Covid recovery plan for the industry across Tasmania,” said Old.

“HOSPO Health focuses on preventative health and wellbeing, with content tailored specifically for our sector. The program has been developed by Sherri, and she’s pulled together a highly qualified team of professionals to address a range of topics, including mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, injury prevention and healthy habits.”

“We’ve also built in education and awareness support systems regarding workplace health, safety and wellbeing. We are confident this, with other support tools and programs, will help build resilience and healthy workplaces.”

“We care for all the people in our industry who work tirelessly to enhance and grow Tasmania’s world-class hospitality reputation.”

Commencing the position of Chief Happiness Officer with THA later this month, Sherri Ring will work across the industry state-wide. Director of Energy Health and Founder and Director of The Mind Games, Ring will bring 20 years of experience operating a corporate health and wellbeing company to the Tasmanian hospitality sector.

“The significant challenges faced by the industry in recent years are starting to ease, but health, safety and wellbeing remains a high-level focus for us,” said Ring. “It’s a unique industry, with a diverse workforce in varied roles. Once you add in shift work, seasonality and in many cases roles that can be physically demanding, the need for preventative health and wellbeing education and practice becomes obvious.”

“Internationally there is a large body of research and empirical evidence showing a direct correlation between healthy, happy workforces and increased productivity, which can lead to improved business returns.”

“As far as we know this is the first program of its type in Australia – a health and wellbeing program developed and delivered free for an entire industry right across the state. Steve’s driven this from the start and it’s great to have Tasmania leading the way.”

Some of the key functions of the role will include the expansion of THA’s HOSPO Health program, which is still in its first year, and developing a health and wellbeing framework for hospitality businesses to adopt within their organisations.

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