By Amy Looker

Taylors Wines have achieved a world first for a wine brand following the announcement that their Eighty Acres range of wines are now 100 percent carbon neutral based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model.

Proving their commitment to ensuring a greener future, Taylors worked closely with a specialty wine, food and beverage consultancy, Provisor, to measure the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions at every stage of production of the Eighty Acres range.

Beginning in the vineyard, following through to consumption, and finally, disposal and recycling of the empty packaging, Taylors and Provisor were then able to work out an LCA model compliant with ISO 14044 to define Taylors carbon footprint and subsequently work to reduce emissions prior to offsetting the balance.

The ISO14044 compliant assessment technique is vital for companies making carbon claims, as it calculates carbon dioxide equivalent emissions relating to the entire product lifecycle.  

Taylors CEO, Mitchell Taylor, said that while Taylors is excited by Eighty Acres’ carbon neutral status, there is much more to be done to achieve environmental sustainability.

“As a family-owned winery we are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment,” said Taylor. “Our direct link with the land, along with the long-term view we hold for our business, means we acknowledge the responsibility we have in protecting our environment both for the present and future generations. The LCA model will be instrumental in helping us fulfill this commitment through providing an accurate picture of our total carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.”

Other environmental initiatives being undertaken by Taylors include water recycling, composting and vineyard mulching, sheep grazing over the winter to reduce the need for both mowing and weed spraying, and electricity to Taylors head office being supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy resources.

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