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Taylors Wines has introduced the Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor to the back of its Taylors Estate and Promised Land ranges to ensure Australians are drinking wine at the correct temperature. 

This is in response to a recent study conducted by Taylors which showed that eight out of 10 Australians are drinking red wine at room temperature, which in our hot Australian climate, is too warm.

The Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor uses thermo-chromatic ink technology that changes colour depending on the temperature of the wine, turning green when the white or sparkling wine is at perfect drinking temperature, and turning fuchsia for red wines.

The temperature of an average Australian home, particularly in summer, ranges from between 22 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius, and according to industry experts including the Court of Master Sommeliers, serving red wine at this temperature robs it of its finesse and flavour.

The idea of drinking red wine at room temperature originates from medieval French drawing rooms which were closer to 14 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius.

On the other end of the spectrum serving a white wine too cold can mask its flavours and aromas, making its citrus notes more pronounced. A recent Wine Intelligence survey commissioned by Taylors Wines, showed 21 per cent of Australians serve white wine directly from the freezer.

Mitchell Taylor, third generation managing director of Taylors Wines says this is a dilemma that affects most Australian wine drinkers, and they don’t even know it.

“Temperature is a vital piece in making sure wine is enjoyed at its very best. While our winemakers take great care to ensure our wine is of upmost quality and value, the warm Australian climate is not so great for storing and drinking wine,” he said.

“Wine lovers are really missing out on an opportunity to experience and appreciate wine better if they don’t understand the different temperatures certain varietals should be served at.

“Using insights and research into Australian wine drinking habits, we’re excited to share a simple way for wine consumers to know when their wines are just right to drink.”

Taylors chief winemaker Adam Eggins suggests putting a red wine in the fridge 30 minutes prior to serving. As for white wines, he suggests pulling a white wine from the fridge 30 minutes prior to opening.

The Taylors Estate range of wines are available for RRP $20. The Promised Land range are available for RRP $15.

The launch will be supported by Taylors' largest ever media campaign 'Live Better By Degrees'. The campaign will include an interactive website to support the new labels, a push through social videos, quizzes, XML temperature driven banners as well as 30 second radio spots across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

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