With its new-look Promised Land collection, Taylors Wines continues its mission to save the endangered seahorses in Australia’s waters and around the globe.

The vibrant new design introduces Taylors’ ‘Promise to the Seas’ campaign, where every bottle of Promised Land wine purchased helps support global marine conservation organisation Project Seahorse.  

For over 50 years, the seahorse has been the brand symbol of the Taylors family winery in the Clare Valley, South Australia, after seahorse fossils were found in the vineyards. Limestone soils from fossilised marine organisms in ancient seabeds deliver some of the best wine in the world; Taylors is no exception.

Today the magical seahorse is under threat of extinction, particularly in Australian coastal waters. Like the grapevine, they are susceptible to climate change and raise the alarm for serious climate-related issues. Taylors’ Promised Land range is committed to saving seahorses one sip at a time.

Founded in 1996, Project Seahorse is an organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of coastal marine ecosystems.

The organisation believes our oceans will be better for thousands of other species by setting up marine protected areas, drawing attention to harmful fishing practices, and regulating wildlife trade to increase seahorse populations. Led by award-winning marine biologist Dr. Amanda Vincent and co-founder Dr. Heather Koldewey, Project Seahorse has made significant progress and measurable gains in marine conservation worldwide.

“Since the beginning, the seahorse has symbolised our three generations of family winemaking at Taylors Wines. Today, it represents our dedication to running our winery sustainably and for many generations. That includes supporting efforts beyond our vineyards through partnerships with the likes of Project Seahorse,” Taylors’ third-generation Winemaker and Managing Director Mitchell Taylor said. 

“I’m proud to unveil this new look for our Promised Land collection and our new ‘Promise to the Seas’ campaign. We look forward to bringing more awareness and support to the incredible work of Project Seahorse.”

In addition to the new label design, Taylors has added two new SKUs to the range – the 2022 Promised Land Sauvignon Blanc and the 2022 Promised Land Rosé. Both new wines are available nationally. All wines in the collection are RRP $16.

To purchase any of Taylors’ award-winning wines, please contact your Taylors Area Manager or call 1800 804 295.


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